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About Towards AI:

Towards AI makes learning, working and starting a company in AI and Machine Learning more accessible. Towards AI publishes over 30 AI & Machine Learning articles and tutorials weekly and builds open-source learning platforms. 385,000 followers on social media, hundreds of thousands of article reads per month and over 2,000 contributing authors Towards AI weekly newsletter for AI students and practitioners; 92,000 subscribers.
Learn AI Together Discord; 45,000 members. We host; Technical Q&A, Collab requests, AI discussions, live seminars, tutorials and more.

How can Towards AI help?

If you develop products using AI and Machine Learning or for AI students or practitioners, Towards AI can help you to build your brand within the AI community, support your marketing efforts or support your AI content needs.
Please let us know if you would like to explore a partnership or sponsorship with Towards AI by filling out the form in the following link:

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